Founded in the year 2020, Talent Space is one of the leading Recruitment Companies/Agencies in India. We as an organization are aimed at providing our customers with a wide range of services and competent delivery models at every step of the way. Our unique business strategies are strongly acknowledged nationwide by Indian businesses and this trust acts as a great source of motivation for us. We help Indian professionals in building their careers by counselling and assisting them in finding jobs that they are most compatible with. With a strong determination and emphasis on quality over quantity, we are on a mission to redefine recruitment culture across the nation at all management levels.




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Why Talent Space ?

Solutions for Success

We help you to fill the difficult positions, because we do not restrict our search to candidates whose cv’s that are on job portals or our private database or our contacts.

We reduce time wasted on unsuitable or uninterested candidates.

A high percentage of the cv’s sent by us will be short-listed by your technical panel, even if we have never worked for that skill/technology in the past.

We brief the candidate about the client and the opening and check, not only his interest but also his seriousness for the opening.

We assure that we will provide skill full candidates with excellent knowledge and experience as per your requirements who can tackle any situation.

We always provide best to our clients that’s the best quality of “Talent Space”

I cordially invite your organization to join with “Talent Space” to feel the excellence

Permanent Workforce

Recruiting professionals for a permanent job role is a tedious task in itself and you as a recruiter must take all the necessary cautions while selecting suitable candidates for such a long-term commitment.
“Talent Space” can help in making your job easier by providing competent assistance in selecting most deserving applicants and 100% compatible with the job role in question. Our dedicated team of consultants will always remain at your service for guiding you in hiring employees that resonate with the permanent job requirements as well as the company’s business objectives. We are 100% dedicated to assisting you with the best recruitment services at all management levels and that too in real-time.


Temporary Workforce

Temporary staffing is difficult to find especially now when young Indian professionals are more driven towards job opportunities that intend to provide permanent job security.
“Talent Space” is your ideal Recruitment Agency that can help you with bulk temporary staffing with the fastest turnaround time. Our temporary staffing services are quick, inexpensive, and can be easily customized as per your requirements and convenience. We are the pioneer of organized temporary recruitment services in the country with competent staffing solutions that can help you in finding the right talents at the right time for a given period.

Outstanding Executive Search

Top-level Executives are a crucial part of any organization. Finding the right senior executives for the company is a complex affair and the failure to hire suitable candidates can harm its wellbeing.
With “Talent Space” you can easily identify candidates who best complement the senior job roles and eliminate the chances of any mishaps in the future. Our executive recruitment is done at all the top management levels that include Board Director, CEO, CFO, CIO, COO, and VP.
We have a dedicated team of experienced professionals working as Executive-level Search Consultants that work closely with top-level executives for understanding the needs and requirements of companies concerning hiring suitable Executives and confirming uninterrupted execution of corporate strategies.